Our Voices


Drawing, hand writing and digital print

83x134 inches

This large format image was intervened so that the public could fill in the empty spaces and formulate its own denunciatory texts. The piece was placed in a public building in Mexico City. The phrases that were written on it included: "Hell exists in your indifference" "Slavery with extra steps" "Neither alpha males nor feminine women" and "For the right to decide about our bodies", among others.

What We See Looks Back at Us


Digital prints, lighting, drawing, graffiti, objects (toothbrush, mirror and glass), fabrics and audio.

This installation in collaboration with the artist Ricardo Vizcarra is related to time, intimacy and images that occupy spaces. The scenario was an old house in Mexico City, prior to its demolition. The theoretical basis of the intervention was the work of Georges Didi-Huberman, as it proposed a view of the past from the vantage point of the present, taking up the notion of traces configured by elements related to the subjects who inhabited the space and their intimacy.