Thesis to obtain the Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts Rojas, Marisol. 2014.

La litografía artística y su aplicación con otros medios, procesos y soportes. Identidad en el retrato cotidiano, propuesta gráfica (Artistic Lithography and its Application with Other Media, Processes, and Supports. Identity In Everyday Portraiture, A Graphic Proposal). Mexico City: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Ciudad de México

A theoretical-practical research project that addresses lithography in Mexico and its experimental processes, focusing primarily on production related to portraiture. On the basis of this research, I developed a graphic proposal that included five lithographs produced through experimental processes that question the identity of the subject that is often lost in the dynamic context of large cities.

Thesis to obtain the Master’s Degree in Art Studies Rojas, Marisol. 2018.

La estampa y su inserción en la esfera pública: censura y sobrevivencia (Printmaking and its Insertion in the Public Sphere: Censorship and Survival) Mexico City: Universidad Iberoamericana

A theoretical research project that problematizes the reproducibility of the image when it enters the public sphere in Mexico and the United States, focusing on the graphic works Portrait of Silvia Elena (Retrato de Silvia Elena) (2008-2018) by the U.S. artist Swoon and Let’s Sow Dreams, Let’s Harvest Hope (2015-2018) by the Mexican collective Lapiztola Stencil. These works, which refer to feminicide and the marginality of indigenous communities in Mexico, were reproduced and censored in public spaces in both countries, leading the artists to explore alternative strategies such as the use of digital platforms, in order to disseminate and guarantee the survival of their images.